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Counter top ice maker

Oh my goodness! Best purchase ever! I’m always one to by different gadgets and machines to make life easier… ha! This one was a sure payoff! My kids love having enough ice for water bottles and ever other drink they can imagine!

Pretty ice maker

I love the nugget ice maker and the look of it but I wish it kept the ice completely frozen for longer.

Love this Nugget Ice Maker!!!

I 100% recommend this ice maker. My fridge has one but it is not connected nor is there a connection. It would cost more than this Nugget Ice maker to get a connection installed. I was purchasing 2 bags of ice a week but NOT anymore. This will save me in the long run PLUS I am an ice fiend!!! Get it!!

So worth it

Love this ice machine so much! Works great and is fairly quiet.

It’s amazing worth the price keep cold for long time

It’s amazing worth the price keep cold for long time

Great crunchy nugget ice

This ice maker is great, and fast! It is rather large and heavy so if you don’t have counter space that might be a problem.

Ice maker

Loooove this ice maker!

The best, hands down!

We had been debating getting a countertop ice machine for a while, but I felt like it may look like an eye sore on the counter. After seeing this white & gold machine that matches our appliances, I finally buy the bullet and purchased it. We have absolutely loved our Gevi nugget ice maker. I had read reviews about every ice maker on the market and was skeptical about spending the money to purchase one and I am so glad we did it! This little baby has been a game changer for us! We love nugget Ice & now we don’t have to leave home to get it. The machine is beautiful and functional & I have no problem at all with the noise. As a matter of fact, when I do hear ice dropping into the basket it makes me want to fill my cup again:)

Best Ice Everrrr

This machine is so amazing. After our other ice machine broke (not one of theirs) we decided to do more research and buy a different brand. This machine is not only attractive but it’s so quiet, especially compared to the last one. I love that it doesn’t constantly run this saving the machine. The ice is the perfect consistency and size. Love love love it.

Yes, but

The ice is great. Exactly what I expected. The appliance is relatively quiet. The ice basket can't be used for freezer storage because it has drainage holes. The appliance itself needs mopping out because doesn't drain completely. Easy to use, in spite of the absolutely bare bones owner instructions.

Great product!

I've been dreaming of having a countertop ice maker. When I saw this one on Tik Tok I decided to bite the bullet. I have no complaints so far. It was easy to set up and started making ice immediately. I love that you literally just have to open the door and pour in water to refill. The ice bucket is easy to get to and just slides right out. Plus you don't have to worry about drips/condensation. It's also fairly quiet. If you've ever had a built-in ice maker in your fridge you know how noisy that can be. This is nothing like that. You can hear the ice dropping but that's about it. All in all, this is a great machine!


So disappointed with the small amount of ice is makes but more than that I don’t like the noise. It sound like a microwave and I continually think someone has the microwave on and is overcooking their food. I would not have ordered it had I know it made noise.

GEVI Countertop Ice Maker, Ice Cubes Machine
Ashley McIntee

Love the speed in how fast this product makes ice it’s amazing thank you all so much.

White Gevi nugget ice maker

I am reviewing Gevi's new white nugget icemaker, and I'm giving it five stars. It's the most beautiful countertop icemaker on the market. It's quiet and easy to maintain. It also makes quite a bit of ice and keeps up with our family. I am so very happy to have it and would recommend it to anyone. Thanks Gevi!

Exactly what I hoped for!

The product came promptly when promised! The directions for set up were clear and concise. We ran the cleaning cycles and had ice quickly. It's the perfect shape and so tasty with refreshing drinks. The style of the unit is fashionable compared to other ice machine options and the way the tray pulls out and rests on the door makes scooping ice extra easy! Highly recommend!

Game changer!

I’m a huge fan of sonic ice, so when I saw this on an influencer’s page I was ecstatic! It definitely does not disappoint. It is fast, efficient and makes the best crunchy ice! I love the fact that it has a bacterial light inside the unit and the cleaning function makes it super easy to clean. Worth the price for sure and they always run generous specials on the unit. Don’t hesitate!

New Arrival - Gevi Household Countertop Nugget Ice Maker - GIMN-1000B


The ice maker is the best, it makes a good amount of ice and keep it’s cold for a long while. Definitely made a big impact on drinks.

Easy to operate, makes ice quickly

This ice maker is awesome. Purchased it for a Christmas gift and had to gift it early. A family of 5 who are constantly carrying ice water with them. Plugged it in, added water and ice started dropping within 20 min.

Good for making ice and freezing in freezer

It does make noise.
Good for setting it up on a day off and periodically checking it, to put ice in your freezer for later.
I flatten Ziploc bags with ice in them.
Good to have by a sink so when you’re done you can drain the water into a sink.


This is my first ice maker. I love it!! Makes perfect nugget ice!!!
Also wanted to add
Gevi customer service is outstanding!!

The. Best.!!!

We have talked about wanting a nugget ice machine for a while now and are so glad we came across the Gevi!! The ice is perfect, quick and easy to begin use, and so aesthetic. Highly recommend!

Perfect Ice!

Love this machine! Easy to clean. Easy to use. Perfect ice!

Love it!

Best purchase ever! Beautiful machine makes my favorite nugget ice, worth the buy or ice lovers! So easy to use!

Best Ever

I got this about two weeks ago and absolutely love it! I now have ice all the time.

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