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Terrible experience ordering

My husband ordered a nugget ice maker because a friend of ours got one and had a 40% off code for social media followers. We decided to order, 40% off code wasn’t giving the full 40% off. Ordered anyway because we wanted one. 10 days goes by after order confirmation and we hadn’t gotten a shipping confirmation. Called and they asked for order number but then proceeded to ask what we ordered? How are you unaware of what we ordered when you have the order number. Told us we would receive shipping confirmation within 24 hours. We did but it only said label created for three days. Then UPS put a delay on it because they hadn’t received the item. Called again and now they want our address? Is that not on the order sheet? How was a shipping label created if you don’t have the address? More of a hassle than it’s worth to order from this company. Two more days and it will have been 3 weeks since ordering. Of course they had no problem taking the +$400 out of our account immediately.

The best nugget ice maker Ive ever owned.

Over the past several years, I have owned several nugget ice makers, including the one that you hear so much about in the marketplace! ( I won’t mention the name of it!). My Gevi out performs all of them and operates with half the noise. The customer service rep that help me with the purchase was knowledgeable and pleasant and worked with me to assure a quick delivery. Five stars for Gevi!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Loud screeching noise

I absolutely love the ice this machine makes but the entire time it runs It has an awful loud screeching noise and it does not stop. We cannot stand to have the ice maker on when we are anywhere in the house. Very disappointing. This is our second ice maker by Gevi. The first one got recalled, and this one we cannot use because of the screeching noise.

Easy peasy

My husband loved the ice but was wary about the upkeep. After 14 days he says to me “I love how low maintenance it is” so quiet so easy to clean and we are obsessed. Buy it.


It just started making a really loud noise. I’m going to call and report it tomorrow

Happy kids!

So far we love your new ice maker. The only reason I am not giving 5/5 is because I think the inside of the ice maker with the viewing window needs a light.

Nugget Ice Maker

We absolutely love our ice maker. Everyone that has this ice is very impressed and so are we. The service was great. Thanks Gevi

Gevi Household Countertop Nugget Ice Maker V2.0

We have had several nugget ice makers and have done a lot of research and by far the gevi 2.0 is the best nugget ice maker we have ever owned. Super quiet and keeps ice for over 24 hrs.


What a great product, I have done a lot of research and found this to be one of the top nugget ice makers. I love it and would definitely recommend this to anyone.

Everything I hoped

My wife uses one of these they have setup for the teachers at her local school. While doing renovations and an addition on our home, I decided to get her one as a gift and she loves it. In fact, my entire family loves this ice maker. It's a real hit. Even our guests talk about the ice we serve. It's kind of funny that the friends of our kids talk about our ice maker more than anything else while anticipating a visit to the house.

Excellent Service

I am on my second Nugget Ice Maker. The first was before the recall but I had the metal shaving issue and the company sent me a new one immediately. Now 3 years later my machine is not working. I have used this ice machine continuously for years and it has broken. The company has offered us a very generous discount to by a new one which we are going to do. I don't like to be without my fabulous ice. I know that regular cleaning is a must to keep this machine working properly so I feel maybe we had some fault in this machine going bad. We did clean it regularly but maybe not as well as needed. The company has got a bad reputation, maybe over the recall, and I don't think it is deserved. The machine is great, the service has been excellent for us and the ice is great.

Worse service

I haven’t even received my product. Your website states 5-7 business working days. It’s been 2 weeks going on 3 and still haven’t received it. Apparently the warehouse was being relocated but I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t checked my status of it. They aren’t able to expedite it either. They haven’t done anything to resolve the issue. I see why everyone’s complaining about the customer service. I was giving the benefit of the doubt, but I guess others were right about this company.

6 months stops working

The ice it made was lovely, the horrible screeching noise it made multiple times a day was unpleasant, but the fact that it’s completely dead and not functioning at 6 months leaves me to submit a 1 star rating.

Sleek and quiet

Very happy, it looks great and is quiet. Gevi support was fabulous throughout the whole process.

Really struggled with customer service

I received my ice maker damaged. When I asked if they would allow me to use the damaged one while they shipped out a new one they refused. I loved the aesthetic of this maker but I’m very disappointed in the customer service. The communication was not great and they refused to accommodate the customer.

Don't Buy!!!

Don't buy for this company! When you ice maker breaks, they give you the run around to help. Now there is a safety recall and they are giving the run around again!!! Go with a different company!

Don't Buy!!!

Don't buy for this company! When you ice maker breaks, they give you the run around to help. Now there is a safety recall and they are giving the run around again!!! Go with a different company!

Don't Buy!!!

Don't buy from this company. When it breaks (QUICKLY), you get the run around and never no help!! Now there is a recall on the machine and they are refusing to help!!! Go with another company!!!!


Not only is it beautiful it work’s great!!! Absolutely love it!!! Would highly recommend it!!
Makes the best ice.

Works As Advertised!!!

So far so good. Looked for months and months trying to find a machine that makes nugget ice in a quantity that I can dump into my ice dispenser bin in refrigerator one time. I didn't want to get up every 10-15 mins to take ice out of a small container to put in my freezer. So far this is working exactly like I envisioned and hopefully this machine will last years. We'll see,

So far better than GE

So far it is working great, and I hope it keeps working. Quieter than the GE Opal and makes ice quicker. I do hope it is better be cause we went thru 5 Opals my in less than 6 months. Ask me again in 6 months

Very pleased.

The icemaker is beautiful and works like a champ. I drink a lot of ice water and it makes ice faster than I can drink my 40 ounce cup or that it melts. The shipping was horrible. Took forever. This taught me a valuable lesson. Never pick economy even if it is free. Pay for priority. I LOVE THIS ICEMAKER.

Gevi countertop nugget ice maker

We love our nugget ice maker. It makes the cutest ice and is very sharp looking on our countertop.

So great we give it as a gift

This ice and machine is better than the “best rated.” We know bc we tried that one first. Do you still need to clean and descale, yes. But on a regular, predictable cycle. Love love love this ice maker!

So far it’s amazing!

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