Know more about Gevi

What do we have?

Gevi, a creative brand, was established in the United States with a professional R&D team. To do research on our products, we have built our own R&D center with sophisticated lab facilities and highly developed technology. Moreover, our manufacturing plant with rich experience and advanced equipment forms a complete and stable industrial chain. 

Why do we start?

Gevi starts with the practical purpose of satisfying the need for cold drinks. We are born with unique brand personalities-energetic, passionate, agile, and innovative and that’s why we start. With an energetic mind, we insist on researching more for inspiring more ingenious ideas. In designing products, we are passionate about infusing convenience to offer comfort to a great extent. We are agile about the market demand and able to adjust our strategy swiftly and at the same time adhere to innovation all the time, constantly updating our products with advanced technology.

What do we want to do?

With abundant resources, mature technology, and unique personalities, our mission is to help everyone to be their own ice master by offering stable and reliable ice makers.

How do we achieve it?

When it comes to realizing our brand mission, ice is front and center. To offer you a chance to get plenty of ice at home, Gevi team has thoughtfully designed a household ice maker with a mission of doing what you like with who you love. We focus on good quality products with affordable prices and the most satisfying customer service to ensure every customer receives a trustful user experience. We will carry on our mission on the journey and more updated products will come in the future.

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