Far Success Trading Limited Announces a Voluntary Recall of Gevi Household Countertop Nugget Ice Maker GIMN-1102 Manufactured before June 1, 2022


 RECALLED PRODUCT: The Gevi Household Countertop Nugget Ice Maker model GIMN-1102 manufactured before June 1, 2022

The manufacture date is listed on the label on the back of the ice maker, after the term “DATE CODE”: 

HAZARD: Under certain conditions, the metal blades of the auger of the ice maker in units manufactured before June 1, 2022 may break, which can result in small pieces of metal being transferred to the ice basket, where users can come in contact with them.  The small pieces of metal can present a sharp or pointed objects hazard.

REMEDY: Consumers should not use a pre-June 2022 unit. Improvements were made to the GIMN-1102 model in June 2022 to fully address the above hazard.  Far Success Trading Limited will be sending a new, replacement unit to all purchasers of the pre-June 2022 unit whose information is currently available to the company and to those who contact the company for a replacement.

For more information contact:

Website: https://household.gevi.com/pages/replace

Email:  replacement@gevi.com

Phone:  855-992-2888

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